Stretchy Flat Cloth Diaper | Bamboo Merino Wool | Heather Gray
Stretchy Flat Cloth Diaper | Bamboo Merino Wool | Heather Gray
Stretchy Flat Cloth Diaper | Bamboo Merino Wool | Heather Gray

Stretchy Flat Cloth Diaper | Bamboo Merino Wool | Heather Gray

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 The stretchy flat is one layer of highly absorbent, stretchy, and soft fabric that is easily washed and gentle on your little's skin. The stretch of the fabric allows for a tight leg seal while offering complete customization in absorbency to fit your exact needs.  Add additional absorbency when needed by laying in one of the many boosting options. 


This diaper is absorbency only and does not have a waterproof cover layer.  You will need a separate cover to make it waterproof.  We highly recommend our Merino Wool Classic Diaper Covers!  Don't be afraid of wool!  I live with the regret of not trying them sooner! Click the link to watch how easy they can be to care for. If wool doesn't fit your needs, check out our selection of PUL/TPU Cloth Diaper Covers.

Note:  This wool is NOT meant to be lanolized and is fabricated to add an extra outstanding absorbency boost to the fabric blend.  NEVER use bleach on any wool products you own.  Bleach has an appetite for wool and will literally eat it.  Read your laundry products to make sure no form of bleach is used in its formula.  Even so, you do not have to baby this diaper in your wash.  Spray, rinse, wash, and dry with all your other cloth diapers.  You may see a small amount of piling which is common with all wool products, but this in no way effects the performance of this diaper.  Rinse on cool, wash on warm, dry on low heat.... then wrap that thing on your adorable baby and have a good night's sleep!  Lord knows we all need one!

For information on fit, insert folding options, and upcoming releases visit the Facebook Page, our YouTube Channel, and also join our Chat Group where many amazing mothers share their fold and fit tips/tricks.  You can also find growing communities and information on Instagram and TikTok.

Measurment Chart for Stretchy Flat Cloth Diapers
*These are approximate weights and rise measurements to help you choose the right size. These measurements will depend on the fold you use. The measurements listed are based on the Origami Fold. The rise is measured from the middle between the legs to the belly button.


Heather Gray

Fabric Type/Fiber Content

One layer of Bamboo Merino Wool Stretch French Terry in Heather Gray
(86% Bamboo Viscose, 9% Merino Wool, 5% Spandex) 

About the Fabric Blend

Crafted from a blend of 86% Bamboo Viscose, 9% Merino Wool, and 5% Spandex, this premium French Terry fabric is both durable and luxuriously soft. With a weight of 280 GSM, it offers remarkable stretchability — 60% across its width and 100% along its length. The fabric features a unique dual texture: one side showcases a smooth knit, while the other reveals a chain-like weave. Ideal for a incredibly stretchy and highly absorbent cloth diaper.

Environmentally conscious, this fabric is colored using eco-friendly dyes. These dyes are free from harmful chemicals and pollutants, aligning with stringent environmental standards. Not only are they non-carcinogenic and devoid of harmful aromatic amines or acute toxins, but they also offer superior color fastness and performance compared to traditional, now-prohibited dyes. Choose this fabric for an eco-responsible choice without compromising on quality or safety.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
my favorite flat

i have a variety of flats. standard muslin, birdseye, regular terry, bamboo terry.

This fabric does catch on dry skin, not as bad as microfiber. I keep a cold house, and this fabric feels colder to the touch when first picked up.

I like the edges. No thick folded over edging. So far, it doesnt curl either. Its a softer diaper, compared to muslin and birdseye.

my grandchild is content using this diaper as a nap blanket ( she is used to jersey knit merino wool blanket, so its not much different) if i had a newborn in my care, i would use the toddler size as a swaddle.