About Unicorn


    A family alpaca farm in Virginia invented a scour that held the power of a Fairy Godmother's wand. A wash that cleaned deeper than any wicked stepmothers insults, while being gentle and mild as woodland creatures. And a conditioning rinse that Mirror Mirror declared the Softest One of All.

    And the peasants rejoiced and all the magical woodland creatures danced. Princesses burst into song, and fairy godmothers put their magical wands away. Because UNICORN was back on the earth. And then everyone lived, and cleaned, happily ever after. 

    But…the other truth is just about us. We are a family owned business that started in 1995. My Aunt, (Anna) loves horses and my Mom, (Mary) loves Alpacas. Then there is my Uncle (Pino) who is amazing with chemistry, oh yeah, and me, Melanie, who is always here for you. (I also have 2 great kids) So one day Anna and Pino started creating products to help clean the Raw Fibre from the Alpaca Fleece, among other Fleece like Wool, silk, Mohair and Angora, (don’t forget the horse blankets). Mary had so much Fleece and just didn’t know what to do with it all until Power Scour was born. We would go to lots of Alpaca shows thru the years and listen to what people wanted, so they decided to create Fibre Wash and Rinse as well. From Fleece to Finished and each process in between. So after my kids were a bit older, I decided to come in and join the fun. It truly is just plain old FUN. Sometimes we even have a glass of Wine when work is finished and hang out together. We love eachother so much, we even go to Polo events on the weekend together. Our office is on the same property as where my Aunt, Uncle, Mom and 160 Alpacas live. Don’t forget the dogs, cats, donkeys, horses and Llamas. Well, thanks for listening and P.S. We love to hear from you any time.