Stretchy & Traditional Flat Cloth Diapers

Stretchy & Traditional Flat Cloth Diapers


    This collection features traditional flat cloth diapers made from 100% natural fibers without any stretch and the luxury flat cloth diapers made from natural blends that boast a small percentage of lycra or spandex that allows a tight leg and back seal more capable of keeping in liquids.  This type of diaper is the easiest to wash and dry being one single square layer of fabric.  There are many options ranging from brands such as Geffen Baby, Petite Crown, and The Blythe Life with the collection ever growing.  You will find blends that include Organic Cotton, Hemp, Bamboo, Lyocell, and Merino Wool.  If you don't see a blend you are looking for, reach out to The Blythe Life for the next stocking date.
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