The Blythe Life FAQ

When does The Blythe Life release new products? The Blythe Life typically has a release of new product and inventory once a month. Frequency of releases is subject to change due to a variety of factors including availability of fabric and other job related supplies. Releases dates and times are announced here: The Blythe Life Chat Facebook page, @theblythelifecreations on Instagram, and at the website at least one week prior to each drop. Follow one or all of these portals for the most up-to-date information on release dates. 

How do releases work? When new colorways or prints are being released, The Blythe Life announces a specific release date and time. This typically happens once a month. The Blythe Life makes a limited number of items per release, and historically sells out of many items very quickly.... often within minutes. As a result, in order to successfully make a purchase during a release, you should be prepared by having your Shopify account set up, being logged in a few minutes prior to release time, and being ready to add items immediately at the time of release for a quick checkout.  

Does the cart reserve my products for checkout? No. Items are not reserved when they are in your cart. The Blythe Life products are first come, first served, so payment must be completed for items to be secure. 

How do I place an order with The Blythe Life? All orders are placed through The Blythe Life website. 

I don't see the items that I am interested in trying as being available for purchase on the website. Why? The Blythe Life typically sells out of many items during a release, so there may be very low inventory in between drops. There are also times when the website is down for maintenance or in preparation for a release. 

What forms of payment does The Blythe Life accept, and what is the best form of payment to use through the website? The Blythe Life accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Elo, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Sezzle. The best form of payment to use through the website is Shop Pay, as it allows for a faster checkout. 

Can multiple orders be combined and extra shipping refunded? Yes, see release shipping policy for details.

Does The Blythe Life Ship FPO/APO? Yes, The Blythe Life ships to millitary personnel overseas.

How long should it take to receive my purchase after a release? The Blythe Life shipping policy can be viewed on the website. Items purchased during a release/on a release date are shipped within 5-7 business days of purchase. Items purchased outside of release dates are typically shipped within 2-3 business days. 

Who do I contact if my package does not arrive? Tracking information is provided to each customer once an order has been shipped. Due to the increased demand on delivery services, many packages are taking longer to arrive at their destination and/or not having accurate updates to the tracking history. If it has been a week and tracking has not updated, please contact The Blythe Life privately through Facebook Messenger or email at theblythelifecreations@gmail.com. If a package is suspected to have been lost in route, The Blythe Life will help to process a lost package claim through the carrier.  

 - USPS - Claims may be filed after 15 days for Priority Mail and after 45 days for First-Class Package.  

 - UPS - You can file a claim on a package if it has not been delivered 24 hours after the expected delivery date and time. Before filing a claim, be sure you've checked all exterior doors and other locations where the package could be placed, including the porch, back patio, garage, and any area out of potential weather hazards. You should also check with anyone who might have retrieved the package. If you're still unable to locate the package, the sender or the intended receiver can initiate a claim.  

Do you ship internationally? How much does international shipping cost? The Blythe Life ships worldwide.  Because all shipping costs are based on weight, rates are subject to the quantity and type of items purchased. 

You offer a lot of products. What should I start with? We recommend beginning with a regular or heavy wetter Fixed Flat.  The heavy wetter has been a great overnight solution for many and the leg seal you can achieve is very helpful for mobile babies and toddlers. 

What fabrics are used and what are the differences between the types of fabric? All fabrics used are stretchy and highly absorbent.  Cotton and bamboo blends are quick absorbers while hemp and wool blends are slightly slower.  However, all blends used hold a large amount of liquid and when prepped properly, will absorb well and hold for your diapering needs. 

What sizes do the Fixed Flats come in? The Fixed Flats come in four sizes....small, medium, large, and xl. The small compares in rise size to an infant flat, the medium compares in rise size to a one-size flat, the large compares in rise size to a toddler flat, and the extra large compares to the rise of a 38x38” flat. 

What is the difference between a Fixed Flat and a contour diaper? The Blythe Life has received this question frequently. Below are some helpful comparisons. 

A true Contour Diaper: 

  • The shape of a fitted (hour glass) 
  • Sometimes fitteds are referred to as contours 
  • With or without elastic (usually without) 
  • Requires a cover with elastic legs to achieve a leg seal containing waste 
  • Most are just an outer wrap and you lay in your added absorbency 
  • Some have a snake or regular booster sewn into the middle to add absorbency or at the top like a flap 
  • Can be sized or a one size as a fold down rise 
  • Has a very distinct narrow contour at the middle of the diaper that goes up and over the crotch cutting out all excess fabric 
  • Has available patterns you can purchase to make your own 

The Blythe Life Fixed Flat: 

  • A true origami fold shape with added tummy panel 
  • Has no crotch contour and must be folded in at the baby’s crotch while pulling the tummy panel up into place through your baby’s legs 
  • The bottom attached tummy panel adds absorbency and cushion on the hips protecting from fasteners 
  • Must use The Good Key Method to achieve a leg seal with the excess fabric exactly like a stretchy flat 
  • A cover with elastic is not needed to achieve a leg seal and keep waste contained in the diaper 
  • Has a sewn in half flat at the top of the outer wrap allowing for all the customizable absorbency folds of a flat cloth diaper 
  • Does not have a pattern available to purchase and is exclusive to The Blythe Life patent pending 2020 
Can I purchase the Fixed Flat pattern? The Fixed Flat is currently patent pending, and the pattern is not available for purchase. 


Does The Blythe Life offer custom orders or pre-orders? Not at this time.  

How should I prep my Blythe Life items? Detailed care instructions can be found on the website and a care card with detailed instructions is also included with each order. 

What wash routine do you recommend​? In addition to The Blythe Life care instructions that come with each order, the Cloth Diaper Wash and Care Facebook group is a wonderful resource and can be found here: The Blythe Life FB Chat

Can I wash The Blythe Life products with all of my other cloth diapers? As long as you have followed instructions for hand-dyed items, yes, you can wash your fixed flats and other diaper accessories with your regular diaper laundry. 

How do I load The Blythe Life items into my washing machine? See wash and care in the INFO section.

Do I need to rinse solid colored items that have not been hand-dyed?  These fabrics have been washed and dried to pre-shrink before sewing.  You should not need to pre-rinse solids or custom printed fabric before adding to regular diaper laundry.  

Are the dyes that are used on the hand-dyed items safe for my baby? All of The Blythe Life hand-dyed products use a high quality fiber reactive dye. These dyes react with the fabric on a molecular level becoming chemically part of the fabric and creating a permanent bond. This chemical bond ensures the fabric is completely safe for baby and children's clothing while also imparting an excellent wash and light-fastness. When you receive your dyed product, there will still be extra dye that needs to be washed out of your item. Detailed care instructions can be found on the website and on the care card received in your order. 

Do I need to use a cover with my Blythe Life diapers? While at home, the Fixed Flat is great for cover-free time, allowing your baby's skin to breathe. For naps, nights, and outings, The Blythe Life recommends using a cover with the Fixed Flat. 

What covers work best with the Fixed Flats? Search the Facebook Chat group for recommendations on covers that pair well with the fixed flat.  There are many pul/tpu covers and fleece and wool are a personal favorite of The Blythe Life. 

What is the difference between a regular Fixed Flat and a heavy wetter Fixed Flat? Regular Fixed Flats have a one layer insert offering a great day cloth option.  Heavy wetters have a two layered insert that works perfect for overnight or for those littles that need extra day absorbency.  Heavy wetters are a great solution for flooders. 

How can I make a regular Fixed Flat function like a heavy wetter for overnight?  Adding a half flat folded into your regular is the same as a heavy wetter.  You can also boost the regular adding a contoured bamboo hemp booster, snake booster, or any brand of your choice that you have on hand.   

How do I use/fold a Fixed Flat to get a tight leg seal to prevent leaks and blowouts? The Blythe Life Chat Facebook page is a wonderful community resource with videos on how to get a tight leg seal as well as many other helpful diapering tips and tricks. Fit folds and videos can also be found in the “GET THE FIT” section of the website. 

How many layers are the half flats? Half flats come in a single or double layer of fabric. 

How do you use the waterproof liners? Waterproof liners are a great addition placed between the outer wrap and the insert.  These liners push moisture back into the absorbent layers and keep the outside of the diaper drier longer.  They are perfect for cover free time at home, using overnight to get the most of your absorbency, or placing between a wool cover and your fixed flat.  These were the inspiration of a beautiful lady on the team by the name of Sarah who shared her secrets to cover free time.  Thank you Sarah! 

Does The Blythe Life offer big kid sizes? Yes, the XL/Junior size was just released and fits children up to 75 pounds.  Testing is still being done for length of fit. 

Is there a BST page for The Blythe Life items? Yes. The Blythe Life BST Facebook page can be found here: The Blythe Life Official BST

How do I contact The Blythe Life?Any questions or concerns should be directed to The Blythe Life through The Blythe Life Facebook Messenger or email at theblythelifecreations@gmail.com.