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The Fixed Flat Cloth Diaper (Patent Pending)

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Fiber Reactive Dyes

These dyes react with the fabric on a molecular level becoming chemically part of the fabric and creating a permanent bond.  This chemical bond ensures the fabric is completely safe for baby and children’s clothing, while also imparting an excellent wash and light-fastness.  When you receive your dyed product, please note that there may still be extra dye that needs to be rinsed out of your item.  

Meet Blythe

I am a country loving, Kansas farm raised, Colorado mountain living, wife of my high-school sweetheart, and momma of two beautiful miracle babies and one angel baby! I drink waaaayyyyyyy too much coffee and bring home too many "pets" from the farm store;) Thank you for joining me on this journey! The road to parenthood was not an easy one for my husband and me, so when we were blessed with our second child I decided to try ALL the things I didn't with my first that I was afraid to do. Cloth diapering was #1 on that list, and I am so glad I did!

I started off trying all the diapers and landed on stretchy flat cloth diapers with wool covers as my all time favorite system. When my daughter got older.....and not so cooperative during changes......I thought, how can I make the flat diaper more user friendly. Out of that came The Fixed Flat cloth diaper. This is a "fixed" or "permanent" origami shape with the ability to still fold the absorbency in any way I wanted like I loved from a flat. I am so excited to share what helped us continue to diaper and join you in this community of parents who choose alternatives to our cultural norms.

This season has been a challenging one, but one I am so glad I stuck with. I have met so many wonderful likeminded mothers who I wouldn't have had the pleasure to know otherwise. My dream is to continue to build a brand/environment that supports the family with beautiful and helpful options while blessing mine and other families around me. I desire to have a team of women in my community that do life together........and pack up momma and baby items for you while we are at it!

BLESSINGS and WELCOME to The Blythe Life!