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Fixed Flat Cloth Diaper

Incredibly grateful for Fixed Flats! The adjustable fit and ability to boost as needed have solved nighttime clothing wetness for my sweet baby. What a relief! They are wonderfully soft on his skin, simple to use, and easy to wash and dry. The ability to throw them in the dryer saves me a TON of time and peace of mind. So many positives!
Bonus=They are beautiful!!!

Kiersten L.

My two year old and I both agree that these are the coziest diapers we have ever used!  Even in our Texas heat!❤️

Olivia C.

Easy Wash Routine

Keeping each piece to a maximum of two layers, ensures the diaper is washed and dried thoroughly, as well as being easy to grab and go in a rush. The outer piece is two layers and the attached insert is one layer for regular absorbency and two for the heavy wetter option.  

Tight Leg Seal

The stretchy fabric used allows for an amazing leg seal like we all love from a great stretchy flat!  Simply use the good key method, secure with your fastener of choice, and add a cover when needed. Visit Facebook for pictures and video tutorials.

Customizable Insert

Fold the insert in the "Simple Rectangle Fold" for a quick grab and go option, or fold the insert much like a flat cloth diaper to customize the absorbency to fit your baby's needs.  Visit Facebook for pictures and video tutorials demonstrating modifications that will keep those blowouts in the diaper and off of your baby's adorable outfits!

Fiber Reactive Dyes

These dyes react with the fabric on a molecular level becoming chemically part of the fabric and creating a permanent bond.  This chemical bond ensures the fabric is completely safe for baby and children’s clothing, while also imparting an excellent wash and light-fastness.  When you receive your dyed product, please note that there may still be extra dye that needs to be rinsed out of your item.