Pocket | AI2 Cloth Diapers

Pocket | AI2 Cloth Diapers


    This collection holds all the diaper brands and styles that feature a built-in pocket of either natural fiber or athletic wicking jersey/suede cloth that allows the user to stuff their desired absorption into the pocket for a user-friendly and a quick diapering option.  A few styles have snap in options for the inserts making them classify as an AI2 (All In Two) diapering option where you can simply snap in your inserts, or stuff your inserts in the back pocket area. Pockets that feature an athletic wicking jersey fabric (AWJ) for the pocket, can double as a swim diaper without the absorbency added. Those with a natural fiber pocket are very helpful during the potty-training process to allow your little feel when they are wet.  Pockets with a stay dry pocket, help your baby feel dry longer keeping them comfortable though wet.  Pocket brands included in this collection: Bebeboo, Kinder Cloth, Lighthouse Kids CO, and Petite Crown, with more options on the way!

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