Stretchy Fitted Cloth Diaper | Bamboo Merino Wool | Double Half Flat Insert | Midnight Zone
Stretchy Fitted Cloth Diaper | Bamboo Merino Wool | Double Half Flat Insert | Midnight Zone

Stretchy Fitted Cloth Diaper | Bamboo Merino Wool | Double Half Flat Insert | Midnight Zone

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The Stretchy Fitted Cloth Diaper combines the best of a great Stretchy Flat and Traditional Fitted Cloth Diaper into one easy to use and wash diapering system. The stretch and comfort you love from Stretchy Flats without the folding! 

We think you'll love the The Blythe Life Stretchy Fitted Cloth Diapers! They are serged with a wide tummy panel covering hips from snappis, lengthened and squared waist tabs designed to stay closed with pins or a snappi unlike most fitteds with small round wings. They come in three sizes, Infant, One Size and Junior, and the fit is amazing and customizable. With only two layers of stretchy fabric on the shell, they stretch and fit similar to a stretchy flat with no fancy folds needed. There are no snaps for added comfort and versatility of use.
The absorbency is a 2-layer trifold insert. The core on the Infant is 3" wide, the core on the One Size is 4" wide, and the core on the Junior is 5" wide. You also have the ability to lay any absorbency in it that you prefer making the system fit your needs in each season.

Our Stretchy Fitted Cloth Diapers come in prints, solids, naturals, and hand-dyed options so there is something for everyone to love!  The hand-dyed options are ice dyed with fiber reactive dye, creating a permanent molecular bond to the fabric.  These colors are vibrant and will not fade!  Please note that hand-dyed items may have excess dye remaining in them and will need soaked and washed separately before wearing and washing with a mixed load.  Also, with the technique used, there are no two alike, making each a unique work of art!  We also offer a large variety of fabric blends including those that have organic cotton, merino wool, hemp, lyocell, and bamboo viscose.  Please see the care card that comes with your order with instructions on wash and how to prepare each type of fabric for absorbent use.  You can also find detailed washing/care instructions on our website HERE.

For information on fit, insert folding options, and upcoming releases visit the Facebook Page, our YouTube Channel, and also join our Chat Group where many amazing mothers share their fold and fit tips/tricks.  You can also find growing communities and information on Instagram and TikTok.

Blessings on your cloth diapering and parenting journey!


The Blythe Life Stretchy Fitted Cloth Diaper Size/Measurment ChartPlease note that fit and weight ranges depend on the build of your baby.  Knowing the rise (measurement from between legs to belly button) might be a better indicator of the size you need since length of torso plays a large role in diaper fit.  Due to the ability to fold and size down these diapers, the weight range you achieve will ultimately give you a much longer wear time when purchasing larger.  However, sizing down your diaper with folds for a longer wear time, will temporarily add extra bulk around the legs and tummy area until they grow into their diaper.




Heavy Wetter (Double half flat detached insert)

Fabric Type/Fiber Content: 

Fitted Outer: Two layers of Bamboo Merino Wool Stretch French Terry
(86% Bamboo Rayon, 9% Merino Wool, 5% Spandex)
Double Half Flat Detached Insert: Two layers of Geffen Hemp Organic Cotton Fleece
(60% Hemp, 40% Organic Cotton)

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic for heavy wetters & overnights. Just get it! 😉

Everything about this setup is fantastic. The shell is extremely soft, squishy, and stretchy thanks to the bamboo wool which provides a great comfortable fit.

The insert is a detached double half flat of the AMAZING Geffen baby hemp cotton fleece. Mine aren't even fully prepped yet and I'm able to use them overnight for my 4 yr old heavy wetter. I'm able to use it in other diapers as well, like pockets for when we're in a hurry! It's soft and squishy too, so, huge bonus!

The fleece provides a bit of a stay dry feel, but is still so so absorbent that I only have to boost it for him at night whereas I would normally have to add 3-4x the amount of items. For reference the geffen baby hemp cotton prefold in one size holds 16-17 oz. Their xl holds 23-24 oz...these double half flats have more fabric,and can be folded in a variety of ways...that is INSANE absorbency lol. You won't be sorry if you order this 💯

Pictured is our first time using it for night time before being fully prepped. It did a great job! No leaks! Only added two small boosters.