The Blythe Life | Waterproof Liner | One Size | Set of 3

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One Size: Fits the Medium and Large Fixed Flats

Colors: Multi-Pack (1 Clementine, 1 Lemon Lime, 1 Raspberry), Clementine, Lemon Lime, and Raspberry

Liners Per Set: 3

Product Description: This fabric is a Dintex Waterproof Softshell.  When used smooth side up towards the baby's skin, the fabric will push the moisture back into the insert extending the wear-time of the diaper.  Lay the liner between the outer wrap layer of the Fixed Flat and the folded insert.  This liner is not meant to be used right against the baby's skin.  To be effective, it must be under the insert to push moisture back in.  This works great for cover free time, safeguarding against flooding. 

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