Fixed Flat Cloth Diaper | Regular Absorbency | Dark Floral w/Ice Blue Velour Inner

Fixed Flat Cloth Diaper | Regular Absorbency | Dark Floral w/Ice Blue Velour Inner

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The Fixed Flat Cloth Diaper combines the best of a great Stretchy Flat Cloth Diaper and a Pre-Flat Cloth Diaper into one easy to use and wash diapering system! 

This diaper is designed after a Flat Cloth Diaper in an Origami Fold, without the hassle of carefully crafted folds coming undone.  It is a one of a kind "fixed" origami diaper that is user friendly, easily washed, and fast drying due to the minimal layers used on each feature.  The inner attached Half Flat Insert allows the user to fold layered absorbency, just as you would with a Modified Origami Fold, customized exactly to your baby's needs whether front, middle, or back wetting.  The outer Origami Wrap provides the shape and cut, which allows you to achieve the best leg seal every time.  Strategically folding the insert will create a bulletproof absorbent area, while not compromising the ease of a very tight leg seal and ultimate trim fit.  The stretchy fabric used makes this diaper hug your baby gently, eliminating harsh wear marks on your little's delicate skin.  Pair this diaper with a wool or PUL cover for a waterproof setup or wear around the house without a cover, allowing your baby's skin to air out getting a break from harsh plastics and elastics.  We highly recommend checking into a great natural fiber cover that will allow your little's skin to breath, be temperature regulated, and free of rashes!  Check out all the natural covers we offer HERE and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Our Fixed Flats come in prints, solids, naturals, and hand-dyed options so there is something for everyone to love!  The hand-dyed options are ice dyed with fiber reactive dye, creating a permanent molecular bond to the fabric.  These colors are vibrant and will not fade!  Please note that hand-dyed items may have excess dye remaining in them and will need soaked and washed separately before wearing and washing with a mixed load.  Also, with the technique used, there are no two alike, making each a unique work of art!  We also offer a large variety of fabric blends including those that have organic cotton, merino wool, hemp, lyocell, and bamboo viscose.  Please see the care card that comes with your order with instructions on wash and how to prepare each type of fabric for absorbent use.  You can also find detailed washing/care instructions on our website HERE.

For information on fit, insert folding options, and upcoming releases visit the Facebook Page, our YouTube Channel, and also join our Chat Group where many amazing mothers share their fold and fit tips/tricks.  You can also find growing communities and information on Instagram and TikTok.

Scroll down to the bottom of the product listing for basic absorbency fold and fit videos.
Blessings on your cloth diapering and parenting journey!


The Blythe Life Fixed Flat Cloth Diaper Size/Fit ChartPlease note that fit and weight ranges depend on the build of your baby.  Knowing the rise (measurement from between legs to belly button) might be a better indicator of the size you need since length of torso plays a large role in diaper fit.  Due to the ability to fold and size down these diapers, the weight range you achieve will ultimately give you a much longer wear time when purchasing larger.  However, sizing down your diaper with folds for a longer wear time, will temporarily add extra bulk around the legs and tummy area until they grow into their diaper.


Outer Wrap Layer: Dark Floral Print
Inner Wrap Layer: Ice Blue Velour
Insert: Black


Regular Wetter (One layer insert)

Fabric Type/Fiber Content: 

Outer Origami Wrap: One Layer of Printed Bamboo Organic Cotton Stretch French Terry
(66% Bamboo Viscose, 28% Organic Cotton, 6% Spandex-300 gsm)
Outer Origami Wrap Inner Layer: Ice Blue Bamboo Organic Cotton Velour
(67% Bamboo Viscose, 28% Organic Cotton, 5% Polyester-280gsm)
Half Flat Attached Insert: One layer of Bamboo Organic Cotton Stretch Fleece in Black
(66% Bamboo Viscose, 28% Organic Cotton, 6% Spandex-320gsm)

Fixed Flat Basic Fold Videos

Fixed Flat Fit Video

Fixed Flat Cloth Diaper (Patent Pending Design/Copyright 2020)

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