Cloth Diapering

Fixed Flats

A revolutionary patent-pending flat cloth diaper with a "fixed" origami outer wrap. Customize the attached inner absorbency folds to solve leaking, nap, and overnight diapering issues. Strategically fold absorbency layers for precise wet zone coverage without the extra bulk of traditional thick inserts, all while taking a break from elastics.


Fixed Flat Wraps

An innovative cloth diaper solution featuring the same patent-pending origami outer wrap design as our Fixed Flat. This version offers customizable absorbency that isn’t sewn in, allowing you to lay in your choice of half-flat or trifold absorbency options. Even add your own boosters to build the ideal diaper for your baby.


Lunapaca Collab Fixed Flat Wrap

The 100% plastic-free and eco-friendly Fixed Flat Wrap made from USA-grown and milled organic cotton velour and heavy french terry, ensures a perfect leg seal without synthetic materials. Pair with your favorite absorbency options and a Lunapca alpaca cover for a completely natural diapering system.


Stretchy Flats

A single layer of highly absorbent, stretchy, and soft fabric that is gentle on your baby's skin and easy to wash. Its stretchiness ensures a flawless leg seal, offering complete customization in absorbency to fit your baby's needs. For extra absorbency, simply add one of our many boosting options to create your perfect diaper.


Traditional Flats

Crafted from all-natural, non-stretchy fiber blends, these flats provide a single layer of highly absorbent fabric that is gentle on your baby's skin and easy to wash. They ensure a snug leg seal and offer complete customization in absorbency to meet your needs. For additional absorbency, simply add one of our many boosting options.


Stretchy Fitteds

These diapers fit like a stretchy flat without the need for folding, using elastic for a secure leg seal. With a snapless closure, they provide a fold-down customizable fit. Featuring a wide tummy panel and lengthened waist tabs designed to stay closed with pins or a fastener. Enjoy the comfort and versatility of just two outer layers of stretchy fabric.


Traditional Fitteds

Our Traditional Fitted Cloth Diapers are made from highly absorbent, non-stretchy fabrics and come in a variety of sizes and styles. Choose from snap or snapless closures and enjoy a selection of edge finishes to suit your preference. These diapers provide reliable absorbency and a secure fit for your baby.


Wool Covers & Pants

Crafted from ultra-soft, breathable, machine-washable Merino wool, these covers offer absorbency, moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, and antimicrobial properties, keeping your baby dry and comfortable. They provide an all-natural, leak-proof fit.


PUL/TPU Covers

These covers are durable, waterproof, and breathable, offering reliable leak protection. Perfect for any diaper style, they ensure a snug, comfortable fit to keep your baby dry and happy. Available in The Blythe Life PUL/Fleece Combo and traditional styles from several brand partners.


Pocket & Swim Diapers

Our versatile Pocket/Swim Cloth Diapers from trusted brand partners can be stuffed with the absorbency of your choice or worn as is for a dip in the pool. Perfect for both everyday use and swim time, these diapers provide convenience and comfort for your baby.


AIO & AI2 Diapers

From trusted brand partners, our AIO diapers feature built-in absorbency for ultimate convenience, while our AI2 diapers offer snap-in or lay-in absorbency options for customization. Both styles provide a snug, leak-proof fit, keeping your baby dry and comfortable, as easy as disposable diapers.


Inserts & Boosters

Explore our Cloth Diaper Booster Collection, featuring a variety of shapes, sizes, absorbencies, and fabrics to add the perfect additional absorbency to any of our diaper styles. These boosters can also be stuffed into pockets or laid in covers, ensuring versatility and enhanced wetness protection for your baby.


Stry Dry Liners

Our Stay Dry Cloth Diaper Liners come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and fabrics, ensuring your baby stays dry and comfortable. These liners make diaper changes easier by allowing for quick and easy spray-off of waste, adding convenience to your diapering routine.


Waterproof Liners

Made from Dintex Waterproof Softshell fabric, these liners extend wear-time by pushing moisture back into the insert. Placed under absorbent layers, they are perfect for cover-free time, preventing flooding, and adding waterproof security to any diaper.



Our Cloth Diaper Fastener Collection is designed for use with flats, snapless fitteds, fixed flats, and other cloth diaper styles without built-in fasteners. These fasteners ensure a secure and adjustable fit, providing convenience and reliability for your baby's diapering needs.


Wipes, Wash, Cream & Body Oil

Featuring a variety of gentle fabrics and sizes perfect for your baby's delicate skin, our versatile wipes can also be used as fold-over boosters, providing added absorbency exactly where needed in the wet zone. Pair these wipes with a gentle baby wash and cloth-safe cream or body oil for healthy skin and a happy baby after every use. Enjoy the convenience and softness that keeps your baby comfortable and clean.


Wet Bags & Diaper Pods

These versatile bags are perfect for storing dirty or wet clothes, used bibs, cloth wipes, and bathing suits. Ideal for daycare, park outings, and pool or beach trips, they also excel at organizing travel items, car essentials, and playrooms. With endless practical uses, including keeping your belongings neat and tidy, these bags are a must-have for any parent looking for convenience and organization.


Laundry & Fabric Care

Including everything you need to keep your cloth diapers well maintained, our fabric care line features Unicorn Baby detergents and fabric conditioners, as well as solutions for removing detergent and mineral buildup. We also offer lanolin-rich woolie bars and emulsifying cubes for easy wool care. Additionally, our wool dryer balls reduce drying time and naturally soften your laundry.

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Spray Pal System

The patented Spray Pal splatter shield, paired with their diaper sprayer, makes pre-rinsing cloth diapers easy and mess-free. Enjoy a cleaner, simpler diapering routine with this innovative solution.

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