Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Hand Dyed Items:

All dyed products use a high quality fiber reactive dye.  These dyes react with the fabric on a molecular level becoming chemically part of the fabric and creating a permanent bond.  This chemical bond ensures the fabric is completely safe for baby and children’s clothing while also imparting an excellent wash and light-fastness.  When you receive your dyed product, there will still be extra dye that needs to be washed out of your item. 

Initial Preparation:

  • Rinse in the sink until water runs clear
  • Wash hand-dyed items separately with detergent at least twice before adding into a mixed load (in general, separately wash light and dark items to avoid color transfer)
  • Use a color catcher (included) when washing for the first time with other like colored items

Fabric Preparation/Wash Routine:

Hemp and wool blends must be washed and dried 8-10 times before reaching their full absorbency potential.  All other blends used, only require 2-3 wash cycles before use, unless it is a hand-dyed item. (See above for hand-dyed instructions)

Never wash your items with hook and loop or any other rough texture.  The thread used on these items allows for optimal stretch and durability of the fabric.  If it comes in contact with hook and loop, cosmetic snags will occur.

Machine Washing and Drying:

  • Pre-wash on cold/cool with a light amount of detergent to remove any staining
  • Main wash on warm with full detergent (If your washer tends to twist clothing, select a lighter wash cycle and reduce the spin speed. Also, see your washer manual for proper loading. Bulking your load with hand towels, can help reduce tangling.)
  • Rinse on cold/cool with no detergent
  • Machine dry on low/medium low


Occasional safe stripping and sanitizing protocols are safe for these fabric blends, except those that include wool.  Please ensure when sanitizing, the substance used is properly diluted as to not discolor your items, especially those that are mill dyed.  NEVER USE BLEACH on any type of Wool Blend. To sanitize, bring your wool fabric to a boil for 4-5 minutes in a pot of water on the stove.  Wool is naturally antimicrobial, and frequent sanitizing is not needed.  Since these wool blends are intended to absorb and not repel, do not lanolize.


Items will not be refunded/exchanged due to wash issues. 
Please note and follow wash instructions closely |