Tiny Tot Innovations | 30% Off Closeout Sale

Tiny Tot Innovations | 30% Off Closeout Sale


    Family Business


    My husband and I are high school sweethearts from central Missouri. We have two beautiful and funny daughters, Blakely and Katie. My husband is a mechanical engineer and I am a pharmacist by day and a busy mom and wife by night, at least that was the case until our second daughter turned 7 months old. That was when we realized that it was best for our family for me to focus on being a mom, so I traded my white coat for yoga pants, running shoes, and the “mom bun”. It was the best decision we have ever made. 

    Why our products are different


    When you are married to an engineer you get used to the design of every item ever created being questioned. My home is full of, “Why did they make it like that” “It would have been so much better like this” “If this was done like this it would be so much more efficient” so it is no surprise that we have redesigned a few products that we use the most to make them even better. Enter our new business venture, Tiny Tot Innovations! Products that are created for busy parents to make your lives easier, engineer designed, and mom approved!