NOLEO Story

    "We are on a mission to improve the personal care industry and shine a light on what really goes into products that are released in the market."


    We care deeply about what goes ON your children (and ours).

    We believe that less is enough and we aim to make simple, safe, and effective products. Everything we put in our products will be extensively researched. If there are potential or unknown risks associated with an ingredient, you won’t find it in our skin care products.

    02. THE WORLD

    We must nurture our environment to ensure our children’s future.

    Over 90% of wipes contain plastic, not to mention they are likely to end up in our ocean. NOLEO helps reduce the number of products needed to clean baby skin and the cotton pad is 100% biodegradable! We believe a healthy baby who lives in a healthy world to be the greatest mission we can embark on. As we continue to grow, we’ll make significant strides to improve our footprint.

    03. GIVE BACK

    While you shop, we give back to the causes that matter to you.

    The team at NOLEO has always cared to create a product that is safe to both families and the environment and now we want to pay that forward. When shopping with NOLEO, every purchase will give a percentage of proceeds to our three chosen charities.

    When I first learned I was going to be a dad, I became very concerned with the ingredients I was seeing on labels and, even more so, when I realized that most didn’t know of their risks. So, I started NOLEO. Of course there is more to the story than just that.

    - Nico Chery
    NOLEO Co-founder & CEO