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Bebeboo | 40% Off Closeout Sale


    Thea's Story

    Bebeboo was born out of a small project started to help a mama cope with the turbulent emotions of grief. Instead of dealing with my grief, I buried it in a fluffy distraction. This distraction turned into a hobby, which turned into a great passion, and now a small business providing adorable and adaptable cloth diaper options for your Bebeboo.

    My own cloth diaper journey has been all over the place. We initially cloth diapered our firstborn, because I liked the idea as a way to save money, and my wonderful mother used them when she watched our son to help us save money. However, I found cloth diapering gross and inconvenient (this was, of course, before I knew better!), so we only cloth-diapered part time. We were hit with financial hard times when I was pregnant with our second child, and so again returned to using cloth. Our situation and lack of proper guidance made cloth diapering full-time a challenge once again. However, with our third child, we were better educated and experienced with cloth diapers, and knew right away we wanted to use cloth diapers.Thankfully, we successfully cloth diapered our third “bebeboo” full-time at home and at daycare.

    I learned so much through our own cloth diaper journey, that starting Bebeboo Diapers has allowed me to help others on their journey. Bebeboo Diapers is more than just a company selling fluff, it is a community. You’ll often find me highlighting issues that matter to me, because I believe in using my platform to spread love, positivity, and compassion.

    Thank you for supporting a small business.  

    Thank you for supporting a dream.

    And thank you for considering cloth diapers.

    Much love,

    Thea and Bebeboo Cloth Diapers

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