Wipes/Boosters | 8"x8" | Set of 4

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Color Farm Sweet Farm
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Wipes Per Set: 4

Dimensions: 8"x8"

Color(choose from drop-down menu):

Farm Sweet Farm (Farm Sweet Farm front and back on all 4 wipes)

Mountain Meadows (Mountain Meadows front and back on all 4 wipes)

Spring Eucalyptus (Spring Eucalpytus front and back on all 4 wipes)

Farm Sweet Farm/Red (2 Farm Sweet Farm wipes and 2 Red wipes)

Mountain Meadows/Blue (2 Mountain Meadows wipes and 2 Blue wipes)

Spring Eucalytpus/Dark Green (2 Spring Eucalyptus wipes and 2 Dark Green wipes)

Dark Green (4 Dark Green wipes)


Blue, Dark Green, Farm Sweet Farm, Mountain Meadows, Red, Spring Eucalyptus -- Bamboo Organic Cotton Stretch French Terry

Product Description: This cloth diaper wipe/booster is the softest wipe making changes easier to clean up while being the perfect thickness, weight, and gentleness for the most sensitive areas on your little one.  Each wipe is made of two layers and fits folded into any wipe holder/warmer.  Not only do these clean up messes with ease, they can also be used to add extra absorbency in your diaper just where you need it.  Lay them in the Fixed Flat half folded creating four layers of added absorbency just where your baby needs it. 

For information on fit and Fixed Flat insert folding options, visit our Facebook page. Blessings on your cloth diapering journey!

Fabric Content: 

Bamboo Organic Cotton Stretch Fleece: 66% Bamboo Viscose, 28% Organic Cotton, 6% Spandex

Bamboo Organic Cotton Stretch French Terry: 66% Bamboo Rayon, 28% Organic Cotton, 6% Spandex