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Color: Promise (hand-dyed)

Fabric: Bamboo Organic Cotton Stretch Fleece

GSM: 300

Half Flats are a great item for diaper boosting, using as an insert, or folding like a flat cloth diaper for an infant who needs a much smaller diaper option.  Fold long or short depending on the rise needed for your baby and layer either on top or below the Fixed Flat insert to boost your diaper.  With one layer of fabric, this boosting option is very trim, yet highly absorbent, buttery soft, and the quickest boosting item to wash and dry.

Hand-dyed options are ice dyed with fiber reactive dye creating a permanent molecular bond to the fabric.  These colors are vibrant and will not fade!  Please note that hand-dyed items may have excess dye remaining in them, and will need soaked and washed separately before wearing and washing with a mixed load.  Also, with the technique used, there are no two alike, making each a unique work of art!  The pictures posted are examples of the colorway variations. 

For information on fit and insert folding options, visit the Facebook page. Blessings on your cloth diapering journey!

Dimensions: 23"x14"

Fabric Content: 66% Bamboo Viscose and 28% Organic Cotton and 6% Spandex