Fixed Flat Cloth Diaper© | Bamboo Merino Wool | Heavy Wetter | Marine Blue
Fixed Flat Cloth Diaper© | Bamboo Merino Wool | Heavy Wetter | Marine Blue

Fixed Flat Cloth Diaper© | Bamboo Merino Wool | Heavy Wetter | Marine Blue

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lor: Marine Blue

Size (choose from drop-down menu): 

Small -- Similar to Infant Flat Cloth Diaper Rise

Medium -- Similar to One-Size Flat Cloth Diaper Rise

Large -- Similar to Toddler Flat Cloth Diaper Rise

XL/Junior -- Equivalent to the rise of a 38"x38" flat and fitting up to 75 pounds in testing

Absorbency: Heavy Wetter (2 layer insert)

Fabric: Bamboo Merino Wool Stretch French Terry

Product Description: This Fixed Flat Diaper combines the best of a great stretchy flat and a pre-flat into one easy to use and wash diapering system!  The two layers of stretchy fabric on the outer piece allows for a tight leg seal while still offering extra absorbency, and the attached insert can be customized to suite your baby's personal absorption needs. 

This is a beast of an overnight diaper that uses the highest quality fabric to offer a trim yet highly effective super-soaker overnight option for your baby.  Both the outer wrap layer and the insert are made of two layers of Bamboo Merino Wool French Terry fabric, that provides the absorbency you need without the stiffness of a fitted style diaper.  When folded into the pad fold, the diaper has a total of 12 layers of absorbency in the soaking zone, and a whopping 20 layers with a middle/front or middle/back wetter fold!  This diaper will do some damage in protecting your little from leaks and wet sheets in the middle of the night, yet keep them comfortable with the stretchy fit and flexibility of the type of fabric used.  If you are having a hard time getting through the night without changing your little's diaper....sheets....and clothes....try this one on for size!!!  Add an additional hemp booster for an even more bullet proof night set up!

Note:  This wool is NOT meant to be lanolized, and is fabricated to add an extra outstanding absorbency boost to the fabric blend.  NEVER use bleach on any wool products you own.  Bleach has an appetite for wool and will it....  Read your laundry products to make sure no form of bleach is used in its formula.  Even so, you do not have to baby this diaper in your wash.  Spray, rinse, wash, and dry with all your other cloth diapers.  You may see a small amount of piling, which is common with all wool products, but this in no way effects the performance of this diaper.  Rinse on cool, wash on warm, dry on low heat....then wrap that thing on your adorable baby and......have a good nights sleep!  Lord knows we all need one!

The attached insert is two layers for the heavy wetter option. 

This diaper is not waterproof, and will need a separate cover to make it so. 

For information on fit and insert folding options, visit the Facebook Page and also join our Chat Group. Blessings on your cloth diapering journey!

Fabric Content: 86% Bamboo Rayon, 9% Merino Wool, 5% Spandex

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Our nighttime solution

These diapers are SO soft and absorbent! I got this for our nighttime diaper and I absolutely love it. It’s so great to have something this absorbent without being bulky and just hugs baby perfectly.