Origami Stay Dry Liners | Organic Bamboo Velour

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Sizes (choose from drop-down menu): Small/Infant, Medium/OS, Large/Toddler

Color: Hand-dyed

Product Description: These Stay Dry Diaper Liners are one layer of Organic Bamboo Velour made of 67% Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton and 5% Polyester.  This luxurious fabric is gentle on your babies skin and a great alternative to Micro Fleece that many babies may be sensitive to. 

These Origami liners are made specifically to fit an Origami folded flat or Fixed Flat, which is based off of the Origami fold.  They are sized perfectly to fit the specific rises of each size of flat.  The wings wrap around your baby's hips, providing an extra layer of protection against snappies/fasteners, which is a feature loved on the Fixed Flat.  Now enjoy the same extra cushion in a stretchy flat by adding one of these luxurious liners!

When laid on top of your diaper absorbency and directly against your baby's skin, it not only keeps your little feeling dry longer, but it also makes diaper cleanup much easier especially with diapers that have many folds or elastic you normally would have to spray out.  With a liner, simply remove the liner from the diaper, dump contents into the toilet, spray off, and wash with your normal diaper laundry.  Keep your diapers stain free and your little more comfortable longer.

Fabric Content: 67% Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton, 5% Polyester

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