Fixed Flat Wrap System | Sagebrush
Fixed Flat Wrap System | Sagebrush
Fixed Flat Wrap System | Sagebrush
Fixed Flat Wrap System | Sagebrush
Fixed Flat Wrap System | Sagebrush
Fixed Flat Wrap System | Sagebrush

Fixed Flat Wrap System | Sagebrush

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Product Description:

  • This Fixed Flat Wrap System combines the best of a great stretchy flat and a pre-flat into one easy to use and wash diapering system!  The two layers of stretchy fabric on the outer Fixed Flat Wrap, allows for a tight leg seal while still offering extra absorbency, and the unattached trifold can be customized to suit your baby's personal absorption needs. Enjoy the fit of a stretchy flat cloth diaper in the origami fold without all the hassle!
  • The absorbency is a boosted (Bamboo Heavy Hemp core) trifold for heavy wetter, and unboosted (no Bamboo Heavy Hemp core) trifold for a regular wetter. You also have the ability to lay any absorbency in it that you prefer making the system fit your needs in each season.
  • This diaper is not waterproof, and will need a separate cover to make it so. 
  • This product is ice dyed with fiber reactive dye, creating a permanent molecular bond to the fabric.  These colors are vibrant and will not fade!  Please note that hand-dyed items may have excess dye remaining in them, and will need soaked and washed separately before wearing and washing with a mixed load.  Also, with the technique used, there are no two diapers inserts alike, making each a unique work of art! 

Size (choose from drop-down menu): 

  • Small -- Similar to Infant Flat Cloth Diaper Rise
  • Medium -- Similar to One-Size Flat Cloth Diaper Rise
  • Large -- Similar to Toddler Flat Cloth Diaper Rise
  • XL/Junior -- Equivalent to the rise of a 38"x38" flat and fitting up to 75 pounds in testing


  • Regular Wetter (trifold insert is not booster with a Bamboo Hemp Heavy Fleece core)
  • Heavy Wetter (trifold insert is boosted with a Bamboo Hemp Heavy Fleece core)


  • Outer Fixed Flat Wrap -- 2 layers of Hand-Dyed Bamboo Hemp Stretch French Terry
  • Trifold--One Layer 100% USA Organic Cotton Heavy French Terry (400gsm), One Layer 100% USA Organic Cotton Velour, and two layer core of Heavy Hemp Organic Cotton Fleece 500gsm for Heavy Wetter Option (choose from product selection)

Fabric Content: 

  • Bamboo Hemp Stretch French Terry: 65% Bamboo Viscose , 30% Hemp, 5% Spandex
  • French Terry and Velour: 100% USA Organic Cotton
  • Core: 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton (500gsm)

For information on fit and insert folding options, visit the Facebook Page and also join our Chat Group. Blessings on your cloth diapering journey!

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Customer Reviews

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Paxie Andring
So soft

After opening it I was amazed by how soft everything was and then after washing it and using it a few times it has gotten better

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