Pink Lemonade | 40% Off Closeout Sale

Pink Lemonade | 40% Off Closeout Sale


    Handmade and Hand-dyed cloth reusable menstrual pads by Pink Lemonade.

    Brand Story:

    Pink Lemonade Shop was created in 2007 by a mother of four who has a passion for encouraging women everywhere to take charge of their time of the month by ridding their menstrual product of harmful chemicals and uncomfortable materials, while keeping unnecessary garbage out of landfills.

    Pink Lemonade Shop is built on providing customers with prompt, friendly customer service and excellent quality reusable menstrual products; only the best fabrics are used in the creation of our cloth menstrual pads.

    We would like to personally welcome you to Pink Lemonade Shop and invite you to let us become your #1 stop for all of your cloth needs!